No Changes when Customers Select Christmas Wines


Released on: December 04, 2009, 11:53 am
Author: Peter Ahl
Industry: Food & Beverage

The ONLINE WINE RETAILER Serenata Wines sees that its UK clients are sticking to established choices this Christmas. The company does not glimpse any effects from the financial difficulties that may still have its influence on the economy in the UK.

Serenata sees that Burgundy, a classical Christmas wine, is picking up gracefully in orders this time.

The London-based online wine specialist also revealed that additional established favorites, Port and Champagne, are proving admired.

Peter Ahl, Managing Director of Serenata Wines, said: "We routinely become aware of variations in wine popularity throughout different time of the year and have also noticed a number of influences from current economical downturns, but this Christmas we see a solid growth and people buy the long-established wines.

"In Britain wine drinking is increasing steady. Every wine-growing state sends its stuff here which creates an embarrassment of choices. Buying wine online has too given people much extra choices and choice to acquire the most excellent. The selection of wines for Christmas is considered by many fairly confusing.

"Generally, Burgundy is considered the Christmas wine traditional. Many people who drink plenty of additional wines with a bit more 'grip' during the rest of the year do love their traditional Burgundy for their Xmas feast.

"Sparkling wine has its natural place in many social gatherings throughout Christmas time and the equally could be said for a glass of Port . Port which has a tendency to be replaced by other drinks still holds its position during Christmas."

But Serenata's out of the ordinary proposal for the ideal Christmas wine is a red wine that is not quite as conventional. Montepuliciano d'Abruzzo from Valle Reale was the champion of Three Glasses in the 2009 Gambero Rosso Awards.

Peter added: "This is a lovely wine with a explicit balsamic and mild clove, and cinnamon notes shining through the mild impressive and damson fruit. Put plainly, it is the perfect glass of red for this occasion of year. It shares the elegance and hospitality of Italy. There is a complexity to the new 2006 that belies its age: amazing stuff and a total steal."

For revelers in the feel for fizz but who don't like paying out for Champagne, Serenata has suggested the "startlingly good" Prosecco from their man Giovanni Frozza.

Giovanni is a small producer in Valdobbiadene and is widely regarded by connoisseurs in the Veneto county as an outstanding virtuoso in the skill of Prosecco winemaking.

Serenata Wines is a well reputed wine shop with an superior selection of fine wines and with distribution service over mainland UK inclusive early mornings and evenings for persons who will send wines for their own needs or gift for friends and families. The online wine shop also has two sister sites specializing in online flowers and chocolate delivery - and The Serenata brand also specializes in online flower and chocolate delivery with its sister sites and

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