Tony Blair Rewards $14.95 a Month to Middle Class in New labour Government Rhetoric

Released on: December 07, 2009, 1:03 pm
Author: Blair Rewards
Industry: Government

Trying to raise the veil of ignorance surrounding the Blair rewards program is quite a mystery and requires significant data collection, statistical analysis, and number crunching. Based on significant time and energy to determine the net cost for the middle class, it has been established that Blair rewards cost the average middle class family $14.95 a month.

The blairrewards received notice as Tony Blair continued to promote politicians by rewarding them for self-serving actions. The Blair rewards program was deployed as a means to achieve additional political power and incentivize individual politicians to side with Tony Blair in order to further their careers. Naturally, this type of political lobbying is somewhat commonplace in our society, no matter how unfortunate it may be.

The new Labour Government and many individuals get caught in the confusion. When there is confusion, there is a profit to be made. The Blair rewards program has profited Tony Blair considerably. In return for his greater locus of control and promotion of war, he has received a generous token position with JP Morgan for millions of dollars a year.

By researching the Blair rewards program it has come to light that the ramifications of blair rewards is $14.95 a month (8.89 GBP) for the middle class. From all of the confusion and settling of dust surrounding the stratagem deployed by Tony Blair the cost is finally put into terms that one can understand. The average family no longer gets rewards of $14.95 a month because they were left behind by the conservative party.

By supporting the upper class, the Blair rewards program has resulted in greater economic divide. This is absolutely unacceptable. With additional resources, the middle class would be able to better weather the economic storm present all around the globe. As leaders on the global scale it is unfortunate that blairrewards has set a precedent for further abuse of power and self interested domination. Perhaps someday the individuals guiding change in the world will be able to do so in a way that supports humanitarian efforts instead of supporting economic dominance under the label of humanitarian effort.

The Blair rewards program has resulted in losses for the many and huge profits for the few. This does not support the will of the people; rather it undermines it at its core. Although $14.95 a month may seem as a small number for someone else’s mistaken and manipulation, at some point Blair rewards and the many others like it should no longer be tolerated.

Bobby Blair is political analyst concerned with getting to the root of problems such as the blair rewards program. Particular examples of the misuse of political power such as blairrewards is something that is not only worth mentioning, but is also worth bringing to light. Bobby Blair researches global choices and the repercussions on local and global levels.


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