Be Found Marketing Launches Google Map Listing Recovery Service


Released on: February 25, 2010, 5:01 am
Author: Steve Williamson
Industry: Marketing

Orange County, CA, February 25, 2009 ¬¬– Be Found Marketing, a leading search engine optimization and Google Maps marketing company, has announced the launch of its Google map listing recovery service to help local small business owners to regain their lost position in the Google’s increasingly significant local map listings.

Be Found Marketing has offered Google map optimization services for more than 2 years, but a significant rise in demand to repair damaged map listing campaigns has prompted the launch of their new Maps Recovery service, a first of its kind. The service is designed to fix Google map listings for legitimate companies that have been banned or blacklisted by Google because of the dubious listing practices applied by the second-rate map optimization companies they had hired to get better rankings in Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

"We get calls every day from companies desperate to get back into Google's good graces. Most of them contracted what we call an 'assembly line' maps optimization company and many of them paid for these companies a lump sum for an entire year up front." said Steve Williamson, spokesman of Be Found Marketing. "Typically these companies can show decent results fairly quickly, but eventually their ‘black hat’ practices often result in either the complete removal of a business from Google's local maps or a severe ranking penalty. We call it Google 'excommunication'."

Many businesses have suffered loss at the hand of “assembly line” map optimization companies that tend to either ignore or have very little understanding of the Google Quality Guidelines for local map listigns. For some small business owners, the effect of being penalized has been debilitating. Stan Meyers, owner/operator of, a Los Angeles based moving company, said that he had contracted one company after another to help him with his Google map listing only to find that in the end his listing was removed from Google's local results due to the bad practices of the companies he paid to do the work.

"Apparently these guys were all talk. I was doing really well for some time and then the rug went out from under me when Google banned my listing. Now I'm trying to recover my business listing and my business,” said Meyers. “I found my self saying, ‘why did my map listing disappear?’ along with a good chunk of my business.”

It is worth mentioning that map optimization and local search have been a big buzz since 2006, and in 2010 Google is expected to pull in maximum numbers of geo targeted local keywords inside the realm of Google map listing. It means against all the local keyword searches, Google will display a greater proportion of Google map listing results than ever before. As a result, companies removed from Google map listing because of the Guidelines violation will be forced into a form of online purgatory. Be Found Marketing’s Google map listing recovery service will help these companies, when possible, to follow the Guidelines carefully and re-integrate their business listing back into Google’s bountiful local results.

About Be Found Marketing
Be Found marketing is a Southern California based Search Engine Optimization, web development, and Google maps SEO marketing service provider run by Google Adwords qualified professionals. Specializing in local search marketing, Be Found Marketing contributes articles and research frequently to the small community of maps optimization experts.

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