Excess International Movers Makes Shipping Possessions Easier For Migrants


Released on: March 09, 2010, 6:12 am
Author: Excess Baggage Group
Industry: Transportation / Logistics

With the current economic recession still holding down house prices, and making it difficult to sell, Excess International Movers have come up with a new service to assist migrants. Normally migrants heading for Australia, New Zealand, or Canada; the traditional migration destinations, have their furniture and household goods packed in 20 foot or 40 foot shipping containers for transit via container vessel to their new home.

Excess International Movers are now offering shippers the opportunity to store their goods in the UK for up to twelve months at half price, providing that the goods are all then eventually shipped. On top of this, Excess are offering a discount 'large baggage/small shipment' service for immediate necessities, for those who put their households into store. Excess will ship up to two cubic metres door to door to any major city in Australia, New Zealand or Canada for a flat rate of £500* from the London area (small surcharge outside London). That's a whopping sixteen tea chests equivalent!

The price includes supply of cartons, plus delivery, and collection once the boxes have been packed. Excess have worked with their major agents overseas to provide this special discount service for shippers. Companies like Grace Removals and Kent Moving in Australia and the Moving Company and Transworld Removals in New Zealand were happy to assist to give migrants that extra fillip to assist them in setting up their new homes down under.

To use this service, would be migrants should contact Excess International Movers (www.excess-international.com) 0800 524 4388 at the first available opportunity, to allow a viewing and estimation to be arranged for their household goods. Excess will send out a specially trained estimator, who will assess the volume of the international removals shipment, and provide advice on what to take and what not to take. The estimator will help the migrant decide what are necessities, and what can be put into temporary storage, and take them through all the customs, quarantine and shipping regulations, that they are likely to come up against. After this, it a simple matter of accepting the quotation, and arranging for Excess International Movers’ well trained and experienced removalists to come and pack the shipment for export; crating goods as required, and loading them into an air ride truck for delivery into storage. Goods that are urgently needed can also be collected at this point (or later), and then shipped by air or by sea to coincide with the owner’s arrival in their new country.

Excess International Movers offer a host of special deals covering everything from international banking and pension transfer through to help with finding a job overseas, and even reclaiming tax overpaid in the UK. Excess International also have facilities in Terminal at London's Heathrow and Gatwick Airports, and at Manchester Airport to help travellers deal with overweight luggage, and last minute luggage shipping requirements.

Excess International Movers are fully bonded members of the British Association of Removers, the International Furniture Movers Federation (FIDI) and IATA. (* outside London surcharge on application)

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