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Released on: April 08, 2010, 9:01 pm
Author: Eric Schecter /
Industry: Marketing

When it comes to obtaining a return on investment (ROI) for advertising and marketing campaigns Clickbooth has ushered in a new era. The Clickbooth affiliate program network provides advertisers and marketers with exceptional value that is changing the face of the advertising and marketing industry. Clickbooth has put together a robust program with many of the top Internet advertisers in the industry.

As a result, Clickbooth was ranked number one in the Inc Magazine Top 500 fastest growing businesses in the advertising and marketing category and number five in the open category in 2009. This is in part due to the CPA affiliate network, which is netting a wide range of businesses substantial returns on their investment dollar.

April, 2009 – - Making the Inc. 500 is an aspiration of many entrepreneurs around the world. The Inc. 500 is a list of the top 500 highest growth businesses. The Internet advertising and marketing business of Clickbooth has grown an amazing 12,000% over the past four years. While most businesses struggle to attain double digit growth, Clickbooth’s growth is quite remarkable.

The CPA affiliate network of Clickbooth is designed to provide solid marketing campaigns for advertisers and publishers, which produce results with minimal expenditure. CPA stands for “cost per acquisition” or “cost per action”. Essentially, the advertiser and publisher determine what constitutes a result through Clickbooth. The result may be based on clicks, registrations, sales or a combination thereof. With a predefined measure of results, the affiliate program network of relevant publishers is called upon to advertise one’s website.

The Clickbooth compliance team diligently and painstakingly ensures that each and every acquisition or action is legitimate protecting both the advertiser and the network affiliates. The compliance team is considered by Clickbooth to be the primary reason for the success of their CPA affiliate network. This is a result of protecting the best interest of all parties involved. An advertiser that is charged for no result is likely to cease conducting business with Clickbooth. Likewise, a high integrity publisher would prefer not to lose business as a result of another publisher attempting to abuse the affiliate program network.

The Clickbooth compliance team swiftly removes any publisher that attempts to abuse the system leaving only high integrity publishers that are a part of the affiliate program network. Many of them are some of the best in the business. With over 20,000 affiliates in the Clickbooth publisher inventory, Clickbooth is able to reach a wide range of niche markets. Several of the publishers work exclusively with Clickbooth.

Conducting business with integrity has helped to drive substantial growth and change the landscape of marketing and advertising campaigns. Clickbooth’s success is driven by their commitment to high quality customer service and business integrity.

Created in September of 2002, Clickbooth is an internet marketing business that has enjoyed outstanding growth. Clickbooth’s highly reliable and high quality affiliate program network allows advertisers the ability to increase their advertising budget through the use of the Internet. The mutually rewarding cpa affiliate network offered by Clickbooth benefits both the network affiliates as well as advertisers through meticulous screening process that produces a level of integrity.

Author: Eric Schecter
Address: 301 N. Cattlemen Rd. Ste.300 Sarasota, FL 34232 United States
Phone #: (941)483-4188



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