Immigration An Issue That Affects All Americans Texas Diversity Conference Outcome


Released on: April 13, 2010, 12:02 am
Author: Margaret Pulles, PuMa Communications & Cultural Services
Industry: Non Profit

DALLAS, TX – The 6th Annual Texas Diversity & Leadership Conference hosted the Hispanic/Latino Summit last Wednesday, April 7 in Rockwall, Texas. The Who’s Who on immigration, health care and other key issues gathered to discuss thei outlook on legislative actions taken by Congress and the White House.

Serving on the panel were Dr Alfredo Jimenez, Claudia Torrescano of Univision Radio and Margaret Pullés, government relations and communications advisor for Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together (MATT).

“The issue of immigration must be seen as an issue that affects all Americans and not as a Latino issue,” stated Pullés in her presentation on the Outlook of Immigration Reform. Immigration reform was presented from an economic, global competitiveness and homeland security perspective. “The time to act is now so we have a system that works for business and labor, ensures safe borders with a functional entry and exit system and incentivizes legal entry into the United States. Our current system fails on all levels.” Pulles spoke on the urgency to act now due to the economic “upswing” that is in the horizon and the need to have a comprehensive system in place before the United States becomes a giant magnet for migrant workers.

The Diversity Conference concluded that immigration reform is an issue that affects all Americans. Texas Diversity Panel Director and MATT Vice-President of Community Affairs Rebecca Viagran stressed that “The Texas Diversity Conference is integral in carrying the message forward and integrating it into all sectors of business and organizations that participate.”

The Latino Summit leaders are meeting with MATT in the coming weeks to develop a strategic plan to promote the impact immigration has on all sectors, targeting what Pullés defined as “HIR” meaning Hispanics, Independents and Republicans. “It is essential that we move the argument to the center if we expect any real and tangible results,” concluded Pullés.

The Texas Diversity Council has partnered with MATT over the past 3 years to secure the dialogue on immigration reform. “We are pleased with the outcome of this year’s Summit and we look forward to our continued partnership as we all seek the same goal: The betterment of our community and equal opportunity to all.” said Ángeles Valenciano VP of Corporate Development with TXDC.


Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together (MATT), headquartered in San Antonio, Texas and with presence in Washington, DC and Mexico City, was established to serve as the voice of reason influencing policy to improve U.S./Mexico relations. MATT’s mission is to encourage Mexicans and Americans to come together to bridge the gaps of understanding so that we may truly prosper together. MATT has been a vocal advocate for comprehensive immigration solutions, offering innovative public policy solutions, raising public awareness and visiting with policy-makers since 2006. MATT is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of business and thought leaders from the U.S. and Mexico. For more information about, visit or call 210-270-0300.

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