Network Affiliate of Clickbooth Sets a High Bar for ROI


Released on: April 08, 2010, 9:43 pm
Author: Eric Schecter /
Industry: Marketing

The advent of the Internet has changed the landscape of the marketing and advertising industry. Rather than a fifteen or thirty second slot with a television or radio broadcasting network, the Internet allows 24/7 exposure through a variety of means. The term network affiliate has now been augmented to include publishers on the Internet that advertise goods and services on behalf of advertisers.

Clickbooth has established a publisher network that provides several advantages over traditional marketing efforts. For example, marketers and advertisers are better able to quantify the results of a given campaign, conserve cash and obtain a higher return on investment (ROI) for their marketing dollar. As a result, a greater proportion of marketing budgets are transitioning from traditional channels to the Internet.

April, 2010 – - In a tough economy, businesses are seeking ways to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Several have discovered the incredible value of Clickbooth’s publisher network. Essentially, the goal is for each network affiliate to drive business to advertisers in a way that benefits the affiliate as well as the publisher.

The program is based on a “cost per action” or “cost per acquisition” otherwise known as CPA. The benefit of a CPA network is that advertisers and marketers are only charged if the particular network affiliate produces some kind of predefined result. The result may be based on registrations, sales, clicks or a blend of quantifiable results. This produces an incentive for the participating affiliates in the publisher network to produce results. In addition, the advertiser has reduced risk as a result of not having to pay for something that may produce a result. Instead the advertiser only pays for the result itself.

This scenario improves the ROI while reducing the risk of an ineffectual marketing campaign. In order to place the success of the network affiliate program of Clickbooth, consider their growth. Over the past four years Clickbooth has grown an incredible 12,000%. They were ranked number one in marketing and advertising by Inc. Magazine’s top 500 fastest growing businesses in 2009. They ranked number five overall with the business showing no signs of slowing.

Clickbooth attributes their substantial success to their devoted compliance team. The compliance team carefully screens each affiliate wanting to join their publisher network. Additionally, they closely monitor each affiliate to ensure the highest possible integrity of the program. This is no trivial task with over 20,000 network affiliates participating in the program. Any network affiliate found to attempt to abuse the system is promptly excommunicated, which benefits customers and publishers alike.

Several of the network affiliates are some of the highest ranking publishers on the Internet. Many of them work exclusively with Clickbooth as a result of the high level of business integrity. This produces an environment that protects advertisers and publishers while maintaining considerable ROI for marketing campaigns. is an Internet marketing business that was created in September of 2002. They help organizations leverage the Internet to drive sales incentivizing each network affiliate to produce results.’s publisher network provides advertisers and marketing departments the highest level of integrity and an increased ROI for their marketing budget.

Author: Eric Schecter
Address: 301 N. Cattlemen Rd. Ste.300 Sarasota, FL 34232 United States
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