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Released on: May 10, 2010, 9:47 am
Author: Sara Anderson /
Industry: Marketing

With the current state of the economy, it can be difficult for businesses to maintain or increase their number of sales. As a result, high return marketing activities become increasingly valuable to the business. One of the fastest growing businesses in 2009 was Clickbooth as ranked by the Inc. 500. With an affiliate program network and innovative marketing activities Clickbooth helps businesses obtain higher returns on investment (ROI) per marketing dollar.

A key attribute of Clickbooth is a high integrity CPA affiliate network. The CPA stands for “cost per action” or “cost per click”. The result is higher returns and reduced risk for marketing campaigns.

May, 2010 - While making the Inc. 500 is an impressive feat for any business. The leadership roles and value of such businesses is typically tied to their ability to produce revenue for their customers. In the case of Clickbooth, they were ranked as the number one fastest growing business in the marketing and advertising industry with a growth rate of 12,000%. They also ranked number five overall in 2009.

It is an excellent story of hard work and innovative thinking. However, the concept is as simple as it is ingenious. Clickbooth maintains an affiliate program network of Internet publishers, also known as affiliates, and creates value for both the advertiser and the publisher by maintaining the integrity of the network.

The CPA affiliate network is based on the premise that an advertiser can only get paid if they produce results. This is a far different landscape from traditional advertising channels like radio and television advertising. The results are agreed upon by the each party, which may take the form of registrations, clicks, sales or a combination thereof depending upon the objective of the advertiser. Clickbooth maintains the integrity of the CPA affiliate network to ensure that there are no abuses by the affiliates.

The participating businesses and organizations advertising in the affiliate program network enjoy reduced risk and can conserve cash more readily. This is a result of the attributes of the CPA affiliate network. When a desired action is taken the marketing business incurs an expense. If there is no desired action or the affiliate program network somehow failed to produce any desired results, then no expense is incurred.

The value of such a program is perhaps long overdue. However, the CPA affiliate network of Clickbooth penetrates an extremely large number of niche markets, which makes a targeted marketing campaign even more effective.

Clickbooth is in business for the long term. As a result, they continually strive to improve their products and services and refine their affiliate program network of publishers. Their compliance team is dedicated to ensuring the utmost integrity of the CPA affiliate network. By their efforts, Clickbooth brings value to both publishers and advertisers.

Created in September of 2002, is an internet marketing business that has enjoyed outstanding growth. Clickbooth’s highly reliable and high quality affiliate program network allows advertisers the ability to increase their advertising budget through the use of the Internet. The mutually rewarding cpa affiliate network offered by benefits both the network affiliates as well as advertisers through meticulous screening process that produces a level of integrity.



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