Do-It-Yourself Video Security Systems Featured On New Web Site


Released on: May 03, 2010, 12:31 pm
Author: W.G. Smith
Industry: Electronics

The Personal & Business Security Shop announces new web-site! Business owner, W.G. Smith stated today: "I'm pleased to announce that my web-site featuring a full line of Do-It-Yourself Video Security Systems & Spy Equipment is now available to serve my customers 24/7..."

When asked about the products & services being offered from the new website, - Mr. Smith replied: "If you are looking for Video Security Equipment to protect your home or a business property, we can supply you with everything you will need for a complete video surveillance system. The customer owns these units outright, so there are NO Contracts or Monthly Service fees".

The new web-site features full color surveillance cameras, monitors, DVR recorders, wired & wireless cameras, dome cameras, professional cameras (both indoor & outdoors), as well as infrared cameras that can see in TOTAL darkness. Wireless models have a range up to 700 feet for easy installation in a remote area.

Their complete 4,8 & 16 camera systems feature remote Internet viewing of all surveillance activity on-line with a computer & Internet access. Another option for monitoring what's going on from a remote location is one of their "stand-alone" I.P. Cameras. (I.P. stands for Internet Protocol). These work with a internet connection; so whether you're across town or half way 'round the world, it's just like being there... There's even a VIDEO of one of these IP Cameras in action helping Police capture thieves burglarizing a home when the /home owner was at her office monitoring her home over the Internet/ & called 911..!!

The Personal & Business Security Shop has numerous hidden cameras that look like everyday items found in homes and businesses; you would never guess they have pinhole cameras hidden inside! Examples of these include wall clocks, mirrors, smoke detectors, EXIT signs, tissue boxes, air fresheners, alarm clocks, and many more...

Mr. Smith added: "Speaking of hidden cameras; I'm especially proud of our Baby Monitor Hidden Video Camera, sometimes referred to as a 'Nanny-Cam'; it's a wireless pin-hole camera & microphone hidden in a stuffed dog, which is placed in a baby's room. The monitor is a hand-held wireless receiver with audio AND a color LCD screen. Now parents can know what the baby sitter is doing when they aren't looking! And to top it off, it's battery operated & portable!"

He also stated: "Some people might be concerned about the installation&/or operation of our systems; so let me put those worries to rest right here and now. NO special training is needed to install any of our components, as they are designed to be done as a Do-It-Yourself project.

You don't need any special tools either, just simple everyday hand tools will do the job. NO special training is needed to operate any of these security cameras, or surveillance systems. Most of the components making up these video surveillance systems are simply 'plug & play'. There is even a module that allows you to hook the surveillance cameras to your existing computer, using the monitor and computer's memory & storage to complete the system. For that application, software is included to make it operate just like a complete of-the-shelf system... And, the remote control works just like most DVD remotes; which is what controls the display & recording features. Should one of our customers have a problem with installation or operation of a system, we are here to help answer any question."

Mr. Smith commented: "I probably should touch base on payment methods as well as product shipping. We currently accept VISA & MasterCard for all purchases, and will eventually add the ability to take checks on-line... Personal checks are O.K., but they take a lot longer to process. Since I have a PayPal account as well, it's another payment option to help serve my customers. Primary focus on customers is for U.S. residents only at this time. Orders are typically shipped out in one business day following payment, with 3-5 days transit time via U.P.S. There is FREE UPS Ground Shipping within the Continental United States for orders of $100 or more."

So folks, if you are concerned about protecting your property without any monthly service fees or contracts; Take a look at *The Personal & Business Security Shop's *new web-site for all your home &/or business video surveillance needs!

Full Contact Details:
437 Court Street/ P.O. Box 1201


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