Easy Saver Rewards Program Benefits The Easy Saver In More Ways Than One


Released on: June 01, 2010, 6:31 am
Author: Jackie Esco
Industry: Marketing

Belonging to an easy saver rewards program – or several – just makes sense. In exchange for a small monthly fee, easy saver rewards programs save their members money on everything from everyday items to big ticket purchases. And if you find that you can't afford the monthly fee, cancellation of an easysaver rewards program membership couldn't be easier. It's a no-risk, savvy financial strategy in an economy as troubled as the one we live in today.

Name any category of product and there's a way to save money through an easy saver rewards program.

Beauty Products – Whether you belong to a points program with a national beauty chain or you use an easy saver rewards program that partners with that chain, you can save money on everything from skin creams to makeup. Imagine being able to save money on what for many women are everyday items. A good way to see if an easysaver rewards program will cut your costs is to add up your annual expenses in this category and compare the bottom line to what you would spend through the program.

Books & Magazines – Many national bookstores offer easy saver rewards programs for an annual fee. They send coupons via email and allow members to earn additional savings based on the frequency of their purchases. Other easy saver rewards programs offer a flat discount at their national chain partners.

Clothing & Shoes – Do you spend a lot of money on shoes? Then you should definitely belong to the easysaver rewards program at your favorite store. If you have a big family with growing members, then partnering that local program with a national easy saver rewards program is a must. Some programs even send out deep discount offers to members on their birthday.

Groceries – It also makes sense to belong to the easysaver rewards program at any grocery store you shop at regularly, or even on occasion. It's as easy as putting the miniature card on your keychain. You don't even need to remember to show it, as grocery store clerks are great about asking for it.

Home Improvement Items – From patio furniture to lawnmowers, saving money on these
big ticket items couldn't be easier with an easy saver rewards program. Decide on what you want, then check with your program to see which national chain it offers discounts with on it.

Travel – Many easy saver rewards programs not only offer discounts on vacation packages, spa resort stays and cruises, they also have travel concierges on staff who will help you plan your trip.

If at any point, you find that you can no longer afford the easysaver rewards programs that charge a monthly fee, just call a program representative and cancel. These programs want to save you money, but only if you can afford to continue membership. If you can't, they will release you from the monthly fee.

Jackie Esco covers consumer issues for a variety of online publications. She recommends joining easy saver rewards programs to save money in this troubled economy, instead of stopping spending altogether. She belongs to more than a dozen programs herself. easysaver rewards programs are easily found by searching online for “discount programs” or “membership rewards programs.” http://www.easysavercancellations.com/


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