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Released on: June 17, 2010, 5:26 am
Author: Jane Smith
Industry: Education

Brighton, 17th June 2010: Skola has announced that it will be offering a 10% discount to prospective students of the Ascot and Culford programmes. These two programmes are held in fabulous grounds and offer a broad range of sports activities as well as classroom courses. The offer is valid from 25th to 31st July and applies to the one-week summer courses.

Class sizes do not exceed 18 at the Ascot programme, and prices include meals, housing and frequent excursions to London and other important English cities. The campus is located a stone’s throw away from both London and Heathrow Airport: a 45-minute journey and a 30-minute journey, respectively. This makes it extremely easy to stay for a short period, while obtaining a taste of everything that the programme has to offer.

The Culford programme is held at Alexanders International School. There is a varied outdoor activity component to the programme, as well as advanced music and theatre facilities. The maximum class size at Culford is 16, and language tuition is based on a communicative approach. Alexanders' teachers and staff focus on pronunciation and comprehension, seeking to improve both through interactive activities and the application of classroom-learned skills and exercises. Alexanders is only 30 minutes from historic Cambridge, home to one of the most famous universities in the world.

The goal of these programmes is to enable students to adapt and be flexible with their language learning, applying it in a real way in their lives. Learning English can seem like a daunting task as, often, classroom-based lessons are not enough to cement grammatical rules in our minds. That is why a summer school UK stands apart - it allows students to apply the concepts that they have learned in real environments, such as on the sports field.

Learning English is an invaluable opportunity, regardless of where a student learns it. Nevertheless, it is especially exciting to attend summer schools UK because, in addition to being surrounded by native speakers, that is the place where the language was born. Surely no parents can resist such a deal.

About Skola: The founders of Skola, Niels Toettcher and Ann Alexanders, began teaching English to adults more than 40 years ago, when they founded the Marble Arch Intensive English School in central London. The International Community School was set up in 1979, and Alexanders International School in 1981, to teach children English within a full curriculum International School. Today, Skola's activities encompass general education, special educational needs, English for children from 3 years old, English language for adults, teacher training, education consultancy and an international trust for special education.

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