Language Schools Are Hot This Summer



Released on: July 19, 2010, 4:31 am
Author: Jane Smith
Industry: Education

London, July 2010 - 15-year-old Rosa Constantino is excited. In less than two weeks, she will arrive in England to join a summer school programme. She has hardly any qualms about leaving her home in Naples and is already in touch with three other girls her age from across the world who are enrolled on the same English course. "I want to go to university in Britain to study veterinary science. But for that, I will need to improve my English language scores. I discussed it with my parents and decided that heading to England to improve my English would be a fun way to spend the summer holidays", gushes Rosa.

There are many international students like Rosa who are heading to London from cities across the world. Summer schools in London are attracting students not only from across Europe, but also from as far away as South America and Asia. "We begin receiving inquiries as early as February and March. The most sought-after courses are definitely English language courses. The students I counsel tell me that they are keen to spend their summer holidays in London, studying and practising their English skills", says Lucy Gardimer, a student recruitment officer based in London. Most courses are designed to foster specific skills, including fluency in languages, leadership qualities and debating skills.

Summer schools, which run courses throughout July and August, also offer students the opportunity to enjoy the famed English summer. "At summer schools, we try to ensure that students get a break from the tedium of the academic routine that they have to endure throughout the year. Language training is given through practical exercises and leisure activities as well. Students choosing to study during their holidays also deserve a break, don't they?", asks Sherry Avegna, a summer school coordinator and parent of two. "There is a big demand for language courses among students attending junior schools too. Over the past three years, we have developed a number of courses for this age group", adds Sherry. Studying at any summer school London is home to will mean that students can enjoy regular cultural trips in addition to classes.

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