LogoBee Plan to Help Earth-Friendly Businesses



Released on: August 30, 2010, 3:55 am
Author: LogoBee, Inc.
Industry: Environment

LogoBee has offered logo makeovers for worthy causes almost every year for five years, and so due to recent environmental ordeals has chosen to pick an environmental company as target of the initiative. The most recent environmental disaster, the Deepwater Horizon spill which is devastating the Gulf of Mexico, is sadly not an isolated repercussion of human activity damaging our planet. LogoBee has therefore decided that the time is right to show respect to and assist organizations which, instead of making matters worse, seek to make them better. Companies from all over the world may profit from the offer.

People take logos for granted, but that does not mean that they do not matter. They may not be big, but they tell you a whole lot about a company. Even though it appears as if people do not pay much attention to them, they do notice them, and when a logo not correctly made you can feel it. When it is the right logo, however, the logo delivers the message the company wants to get across in subtle but effective ways. Since 2005, thirty one organizations have been helped by LogoBee's makeover scheme, including environmental organizations like the International Primate Protection League and the Project AWARE foundation. A logo design package worth $425, including stationary as well as a new or updated logo, will be awarded to the most deserving environmental organization which enters. If they already have a logo then they can still enter, as LogoBee will reinvigorate it, giving it a fresher look.

The designers at LogoBee have lots of experience creating logos from scratch for all sorts of companies. They have helped over ten thousand companies with their vector graphic design needs, and can cater to any need. Whatever message the company is trying to communicate, the designers at LogoBee can put it across with subtle manipulation of colours, typeface and images. The new logo will help the winning environmental company to be noticed more often by whoever they are courting, enabling them to do more good work for the environment.

So as long as it is a non-profit firm and they work to benefit the environment, any organization can enter free of charge. Submissions need to be made by the 16th of September, as the winner will be announced on the 21st of September. Entries can be made here: http://www.logobee.com/contact/contest-premier.htm.

Based in Canada, LogoBee is an award winning vector graphic design firm. Specializing in website and logo design, their team of in-house professionals also produce brochures, leaflets, stationery and more. Further data can be found at the internet site: www.logobee.com.

Contact Details: Natalia Stoenko
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