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Released on: November 05, 2010, 9:24 am
Author: QueryCLick LTD
Industry: Telecommunications

It has emerged that Peter Jones, one of the five entrepreneurial 'dragons' of Dragons Den fame, is to launch a waterproof floating mobile phone. The device has been developed in co-operation with JCB, a venture which initially began in 2008.

The phone will be available under the Toughphone Brand, and will be released by Jones' company Distributor Data Select. It is one of three phones to be released this week under the Toughphone brand, and are largely aimed at those in the construction industry, a fact reflected by the phone names, one of which is called the Tradesman. The devices have been developed to withstand adverse conditions, with the Tradesman representing the world's first floating phone.

Cheap international call provider Firstnumber, believe that the latest offering in Toughphone technology is a hugely positive development for many people, especially those engaging in outdoor activities, whether work or leisure related. A Firstnumber spokesperson said:

“This phone provides an additional sense of reassurance for its users, whose exposure to adverse conditions expands the scope for mobile phone damage or breakage. For those travelling in a foreign country or at sea, the Toughphone handsets represent a reliable means of getting in touch with those back home.”

As well as targeting the outdoor trade demographics, Jones believes the sturdy handsets will appeal to those engaging in outdoor sporting activities such as sailing, skiing and mountain biking. In a slightly tongue-in-cheek tone, Distributor Data Select also commented that the phone would prove to be an ideal alternative for those who enjoy a good night out and are at risk of dropping their mobile phone down the toilet.

These three phones are the latest offerings from the Toughphone collection, which has previously produced the JCB Toughphone in December 2007. The earlier model was aimed at a similar market, including various construction workers. The distinctive JCB colour scheme and robust design has been somewhat refined for the new Tradesman version, which nonetheless retains its resemblance to a industrial walkie-talkie.

So far, approximately 50,000 Toughphones have been sold, with Jones predicting a 500% growth in the market over the next few years.

For those working or travelling away from home, the dependability of the Toughphone device coupled with the access numbers provided by cheap international call provider Firstnumber offers a reliable and economical way of contacting those back home.

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