Free Android Anti Spy Application Brings Security to Android Cell Phone Users


Released on: November 19, 2010, 7:00 am
Author: Roger Hall
Industry: Telecommunications

Miami, FL – While some Android users unknowingly have spyware on their cell phone, and suffer from their Boss, spouse or parents monitoring almost everything they do, many are enjoying the security and privacy they deserve. Largely because they understand that to be safe in today's mobile world, you have to be aware of spyware dangers facing mobile users.

That's the opinion of Roger Hall, an independent software publisher and producer of the just-released free Android phone application; "CellGuard Free".

"Mobile users today need solid, reliable information on mobile spyware threats. What works to detect and remove spyware on Android devices- and what doesn't," says Roger Hall, online security specialist. "As a freelance security specialist and publisher I have hundreds of people contacting me asking questions such as;

- How can I protect myself from mobile spy ware?
- How can I be sure my cell phone is not being monitored by spyware such as Spy Bubble?

I created the free Android phone application; "CellGuard Free" to give these folks some of the defenses. What makes this app (Android application) different is this; it's not based upon theories or untested ideas. Each of the methods we use to detect spy ware on Android devices has been thoroughly tested. And proven by our leading US mobile user security research.

Unlike many of today's Android apps, Hall points out; the app is currently available at no charge. "A lot of individuals and local businesses can't afford expensive security or consultants. And it takes time and money to develop a dedicated security application for an entire workforce" notes Hall. "This free app, containing over 11 internal spyware detection methods, has been created for them. And takes only 30 seconds to install directly from the Android App Marketplace."

The free Android phone application; "CellGuard Free" can be accessed online, at no charge, right now by searching on any Android mobile device for "CellGuard Free" in Google Android Marketplace. And on the internet at Facebook; as well as at other free Android app distribution outlets such as

The CellGuard Free anti-spyware app download is available to all individuals and businesses – both large and small - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Contact Details: Roger Hall, 8345 NW 66th St #2603, Miami, FL 33166-2626 email or phone 800 761-1169



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