How JTG Consulting See The Benefits Of The Outsource Sale Route


Released on: November 17, 2010, 3:46 am
Author: JTG
Industry: Marketing

Outsourcing is the future for businesses looking to save money. Although outsourcing is often seen as a ‘cheap option’ that really is a misconception. “We prefer to call it value for money” says Johan Gericke of JTG Consulting. “Of course, outsourcing is less expensive than the traditional route; it doesn’t carry the same overheads, but the real value is in what you get for your money”.

With a traditional marketing department in a large company there will be salaries to be paid, benefits such as pensions, holiday pay and sick pay. An office needs to be provided that needs to be heated and furnished. The marketing team may have been there for years and the ideas may be running thin.

“When an outsource sales team are engaged you get a highly motivated team of professionals that are hardworking and don’t know how to give up” says Johan “You get the best of both worlds, a savvy team and great value for money”.

Outsourcing is not a new concept, many councils have done it for years, outsourcing services like bin collection. “Because outsourcing is in the private sector there is often competition, which drives the price down. In marketing and sales it often drives the quality up too” says Johan. “It is in the nature of marketers to want to be the best and they thrive on competition”.

Face-to-face marketing is a unique skill, far harder than being a sales representative on the end of a phone. “It is not only what you say but how you say it and how you present yourself, body language speaks volumes” says Johan. “These unique skills are what you would expect from a dedicated, direct sales person”.

Of course, outsourcing is not limited to sales and marketing. With more companies becoming internet based many virtual jobs are created which gives opportunities to businesses and workers alike. Businesses get good value for money while workers get the freedom to work from home. Outsourcing brings more competition as outsource companies vie for position; this drives costs down and invariably promotes better services. ”Outsourcers have to be better than the rest to secure the work so quality and cost are really important” says Johan of JTG Consulting.

Outsourcing is the key to the future for many businesses” says Johan of JTG Consulting.

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