Dupray Steam Cleaners Provide Effective, Safe Solution to Killing Pesticide-Resistant Bedbugs



Released on: December 08, 2010, 5:13 am
Author: Dupray Industries
Industry: Industrial

Dupray Industries, a provider of commercial and industrial strength steam cleaners, provides steam cleaners that exceed the requirements for effectively killing bed bugs and their eggs. Steam cleaners are recommended by many processionals as a crucial part of bed bug killing regimens.

One of the current concerns in a bedbug eradication program according to some scientific studies is the fact that some bedbugs may grow resistant to pesticides. Bedbugs, however, are sensitive to heat and are killed by hot temperatures. It is biologically impossible for bedbugs to grow resistant to hot temperatures, meaning that Dupray steamers provide a more effective alternative to traditional pesticide-based bedbug eradication efforts that will ensure a long-lasting bedbug control solution.

Bedbug steamers that reach temperatures of over 240 degrees Fahrenheit are said to instantly kill bed bugs and get rid of their eggs. Dupray bed bug steam cleaners produce temperatures of up to 378 degrees Fahrenheit, which is over 130 degrees hotter than the temperature required to kill bed bugs. Since the steam produced by Dupray machines is a “dry” steam, it will not encourage the growth of mould and surfaces will dry relatively quickly and be back in use after the cleaning regimen has been completed.

Bedbug eggs are a stubborn problem faced when combating bedbug infestations. The eggs are difficult to destroy simply with pesticides. Pesticides cannot always penetrate the shells of the eggs, meaning that not all eggs may be killed in a single bedbug cleaning effort using pesticides. Dupray bedbug steamers, on the other hand, will produce hot enough temperatures to penetrate and destroy bedbug eggs.

Best of all, Dupray steam cleaners can be used with tap water and do not need any added chemicals or detergents in order to effectively kill bedbugs and disinfect surfaces, making this a safe tool to use in sensitive areas such as children’s bedrooms, and leaving behind no chemical residues.

Because Dupray steam cleaners have a variety of useful accessories available, the process of using a steam cleaner to kill bedbugs is simplified. The steam lance can expose infestations to a jet of extreme heat, which is effective at penetrating into cracks such as in bed frames. The triangle and rectangle tool, used with a microfiber cloth, traps the hot temperatures produced by the steamer and allows the tool to be moved around quickly on top of and around infested areas such as mattresses and sofas. The efficiency of the Dupray bedbug steam cleaners will ensure that business owners and homeowners save time and money is saved.

Recommended Dupray steam cleaners for bedbug eradication include the Tosca, for residential use and small commercial use, and the Hill Injection, for commercial users and large homeowners. These steam cleaners can also be used for other cleaning applications, such as carpet cleaning, cleaning upholstered furniture, removing stains and odours.

For More information about bed bugs steam cleaners, commercial steam cleaning equipment or bedbugs extermination equipment, please visit www.dupray.ca or contact us toll free at 1-800-881-8482.

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