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Released on: December 30, 2010, 7:48 am
Author: ESL Schools
Industry: Education

Learning French in a French city is proving to be an attractive option for many in England. It is an opportunity to master a second language holistically, by living and learning in the country of its origin.

London, December 2010 – 21-year-old Sofia Preston and her mother, Sarah, are packing their bags for an extended holiday in France. After beginning the new year in Paris, the mother-daughter duo will head to Lyon to enrol on French language courses.

‘I took a couple of years off after secondary school to work. It was then that I realised that, if I wanted to do well professionally, I would need to improve my communication skills. Knowing more than one language is a big asset in any customer relations job. That’s when I decided I was going to learn French,’ explains Sofia. Sofia’s mother, too, found the idea of living in France to learn French appealing.‘We did an online search for French language institutes for Sofia. Initially the idea was that Sofia would stay in France for a year to learn French. Then we found out ESL has French courses for those above the age of 50, too. That was when I decided that I would tag along with Sofia for the three months to brush up my French, adds Sarah Preston.

A number of international students are now enrolling for language courses with specialised language institutes such as Ecole Suisse de Langues (ESL). These institutes offer specially designed courses that make learning languages such as French easier and more enjoyable. Students can choose from four different courses – standard, intensive, super-intensive and one-to-one – that offer differing degrees of training. For those looking to improve their professional language skills, the intensive and super-intensive courses are highly recommended.

For those interested in studying at a French language school France is somewhere that offers culture and excitement. Lyon and Nice, where the classes are conducted, are bustling tourist destinations accustomed to catering for foreigners. This ensures that foreign students find it easier to acclimatise and settle in to their new surroundings and academic lifestyle. Moreover, there are a number of smaller courses offered by ESL institutes that help students to understand the local culture better.

ESL schools are known internationally for maintaining high standards in teaching European languages such as French, Spanish, Italian and German. Taking French language courses in France with ESL schools is guaranteed to improve your speaking and writing abilities in French.

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