3dbusinesstmexpo.com is Visited by Thousands of M.I.C.E. and Travel Planners Every Week!



Released on: February 22, 2011, 5:30 am
Author: 3D Business Travel & Meetings Expo
Industry: Travel, Internet & Online, Marketing

3D Business Travel & Meetings Online M.I.C.E and travel tradeshow is visited by thousands of travel planners every month!

Launched in October 2010, 3D Business Travel & Meetings Expo introduces a new e-platform for today's modern, green and time-conscious business travel & hotel professionals at www.3dbusinesstmexpo.com

3D Business Travel & Meetings Expo is an online tradeshow where global business travel, M.I.C.E and hotel services are geared towards an international, regional or local audience. 3D Business Travel & Meetings Expo also introduces fast, effective and affordable Hotel and Travel e-PR services for its online exhibitors with weekly e-newsletter distribution to its 64.346 opt-in database compiled from specific groups of travel buyers and interested global communities of meeting planners, incentive planners, in house M.I.C.E. buyers of corporations, independent travelers and online travel media in 65 countries.

In a hyper-competetive global M.I.C.E. and business travel community, no one wants to miss an opportunity to build that strong network with corporations, institutions, associations, local and international companies organizing educational seminars, meetings, conferences, business travel packages, incentive trips, and corporate events.

www.3dbusinesstmexpo.com -a member of MPI (Meeting Professionals International)- is continuously growing with diverse travel buyers and decision makers to be ''in the know'' of what is being offered by the registered exhibitors from all over the globe.

Contact Details: Carla Blanchard/EMEA Office
M. Pehlivan Sok. Sibel Apt. 18/20 Gayrettepe-Istanbul/Turkey
+90 (541) 779 00 90



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