Foreign Language Courses Help Teens Assert Their Independence in a Healthy Way



Released on: March 3, 2011, 08:10 am
Author: ESL Schools
Industry: Education

Brighton, 3 March 2011--Teenagers constantly seek independence from their parents. They assert themselves in the familial situation with new and strong opinions. Whether these opinions are about what is or is not cool to wear, how long they should be allowed to go out or which rules were made to be broken, teenagers want to show they aren’t children anymore.

The Royal College of Psychologists says it is normal for adolescents to want to prove that they can survive in the world and make their own decisions. It is common, they explain, for teenagers to have and express strong opinions contrary to those of their parents. This can be hard on parents who imagine that their now teenage daughter or son is still the loveable and pint-sized child of their memory. Unfortunately for attached parents, an essential part of adolescence is this very act of gaining independence.

For most the summer is an unstructured time. Sons and daughters run about town with their friends and hang around the house during holiday. This is a wasted opportunity because the summer can be a great way to foster independence by enrolling your child in courses or camps. Being away from home will allow them to feel as if they have control of their daily life but will also encourage them to participate in structured activities.

Foreign language study can be a great way to this. Here they will make new friends, live away from home (in a safe environment) and build their confidence through learning and exploring a new language and culture. Depending on the language your child wishes to speak, there are several course locations across Europe that could be right for him or her.

For summer camp Switzerland and France could be great places to learn French, while Germany is a great place for a teen to take German courses. When looking for courses and camp, it might be important to look for programmes that are not just language programmes but that also offer extracurricular activities. Perhaps they have courses on the local cuisine or offer sports and outdoor excursions as part of the camp. You can incorporate other interests you son or daughter might have this way.

Who knows, maybe allowing your child to attend French courses in France will mean that you have your own personal translator for holidays and, if they manage to squeeze in some French cooking courses, your own personal chef.

The summer may seem like it won’t be here for ages but it is never too early to begin thinking about it with your teen. Getting them involved in the decision process is just one more way of nurturing an independent teen.

About ESL School - By deciding to learn French, German, Italian or English at one of their schools, you are embarking on a very enriching experience. Whether you study at their language schools in Switzerland or in France, or at one of the summer camps in stunning locations across Europe, you will discover a passion for teaching languages in immersion through the use of dynamic, modern methods and refreshing activities.

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