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Released on: June 01, 2011, 5:04 am
Author: Gen2 New Media
Industry: Marketing

To get recognised on The Times’ Rich list – dominated by the business elite – is the aim many intrepid entrepreneurs. While there is no shortcut or recipe for success, there are a few golden rules. Taking care of the customer experience is one, and so is impressive branding and internal efficiency. Gen 2 is offering their expertise in precisely these areas, enabling your staff to concentrate on the fundamentals of the business.

If your company offers a service to customers, then Gen 2 can improve the medium through which this is done. A case study that highlights this is the recent contract with Scout 7 – a leader in football scouting and recruitment. This company needed a transformation of their user interface. As users were not satisfied with their experience of the website, the company’s good services were being misrepresented. Gen 2 worked with Scout 7’s branding, marketing and software; making substantial improvements to their website. Now the website has advanced flash-based plug-ins and a customised interface to boot. This case study is a template for the improvements that Gen 2 can offer to your company.

While Gen 2 excels in the ethereal world of the internet, they can also offer physical improvements too. Gen 2 provides help with signage and office design, to spruce up your working environment or business fronts. In a further bid to transform your company inside and out, Gen 2 is promoting a unique service: ‘learn 2’. If you are an educational facility then ‘learn 2’ will optimise the way your deal with your students, take fees, and advertise and market your school. Learn 2 restructures your business with a central system through which all areas of the company can be edited, manipulated and personalised.

Gen 2 - a website design company Birmingham based - offers all this without it costing the earth, and what cost you do incur can be managed, broken down and paid over time. By visiting their website, you can see for yourself the ease with which it can be navigated, along with the interactive features that creates a truly satisfying user experience. With a range of companies in their portfolio – from food and drink monoliths Cadbury’s and Guinness, to British Transport Police and Scout 7 – their experience speaks for itself and could be the key to a bright future for your company.

About Gen 2
Gen 2 New Media specialises in creative design and branding, print marketing, advertising web development, and recruitment software.

Contact Details: Bricklyn House, Corner of Bulls Lane and Wishaw Lane
Wishaw, Sutton Coldfield
B76 9QN
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