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Released on: July 07, 2011, 4:52 pm
Author: Ltd
Industry: Small Business

A new approach to online business networking has been set up, with the hope of bringing sports fans together to conduct business. AtTheMatch’s free business networking approach, allows sports fans to ‘meet’ in online stadia. An Arsenal fan, for example, joins the Arsenal stadium and is placed in touch with fellow Arsenal fans to discuss not only the latest news, but potential business opportunities.

Members are encouraged to roam different stadia in a bid to develop business networking groups. AtTheMatch suggest that “whatever your sport, whatever your team, we have a stadium to create the best business networking environment.” The idea is to create a business networking site with a more human aspect, by capitalising on those that already share a common passion.

Upon registering at users create their own profile which enables fellow users to locate them through a search engine, allowing connections to be made through a variety of avenues, including location, industry or team of choice.

Founder of AtTheMatch, Simon Maurer, believes his business networking site could fill a void in the market. “Thousands of fans will watch their teams side by side for years on end, but will often be unaware of the opportunities to conduct business with each other. Whether small businesses are looking for business networking tips, or larger companies are looking to form business networking groups, our website is the perfect solution.”

Business networking websites are not new, but the concept of bringing together sports fans on an exclusive business networking site could soon change the way fans view each other.

About creates opportunities by combining business and sporting interest. They have teamed up with the Jason Roberts Foundation to promote and raise funds for the foundation.

Simon Maurer, Founder
341 Regents Park Road
N3 1DP



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