BT's Accessibility Phones Make It Easier For You To Stay Connected



Released on: July 13, 2011, 12:08 pm
Author: BT Shop
Industry: Telecommunications

BT’s most useful range of home phones can help you to dial more easily, improve the volume of your calls and know exactly who is calling before you even pick up the handset.

Landline handsets in the Big Button, Converse, Freestyle and Paragon ranges are carefully designed to assist you with hearing or sight difficulties, and allow you the freedom to control how you communicate with people.

Caroline Hodgson, BT Shop Executive says: “Our most popular phone, the Big Button 100, lives up to its name with large, generously-spaced buttons. It also has straightforward volume controls and can be used with a hearing aid, via an inductive coupler. It is recommended for people with impairments to their sight, hearing, speech, mobility and dexterity; and also those who are uncomfortable with technology.”

The Converse, Freestyle and Paragon phones can also be used with a hearing aid – and each has its own additional set of useful features, depending on your requirements.

For example, the Converse 2200 can also be used hands-free or with a headset; uses less energy than most types of phone; and can be mounted on a wall for easy access. Alternatively, the Paragon 550 is equipped with an answerphone which operates via the handset or a speaker option. Other models include the Converse 2300 and the Paragon 650, which have additional capabilities such as speed dialling and text messaging.

The Freestyle 710 and 750 are light, cordless models, allowing them to be used in different rooms of the home while still retaining many of the features that make BT’s traditional corded phones so useful, including hearing aid compatibility.

If you visit BT’s website, you can find out a lot more about accessibility phones and disability phones.



Contact Details: Caroline Hodgson
BT Shop Executive

National Logistics Centre Wingates Industrial Estate
Bolton Lancashire, BL5 3XU



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