Big Shot CEOs Seek Advice from Women


Released on: May 01, 2011, 2:41 am
Author: Maricar
Industry: Small Business

In the years ahead the leaders at America 's largest corporations are going to be taking more and more advice from women. The main reason why CEOs will seek advice from women is an obvious one: most of their customers are women!!

Women make most of the purchases and economic decisions in the American home. They not only do the grocery shopping, they increasingly make the other buying decisions as well. Not surprisingly businesspeople will want to know what their customers are thinking.

Those companies that do the best job of designing and creating products for women and marketing women will be the most successful. The largest company in America is Wal-Mart which primarily sells to women.

Carmakers, entertainment companies, toy companies, homebuilders and many others will be directing their marketing at women. To get the advantage these companies will need to consult women and so will their leaders.

Women will dominate the Workplace
There is another reason why corporate bosses will be consulting women more often in the future. The majority of professionals and executives in companies in the future will be women. This will occur because six out of ten college graduates today are women. Most of the professionals, executives will consult in the future such as doctors and lawyers will be women.

CEOs will consult women in order to understand how their companies work and what is happening there. They will want the female insight into the changing environment around them. The executives that take advantage of female professionals will be the most successful.

In this environment organizations like the National Association of Professional Women which organize and network women will be more important than ever. Those women who are organized and connected will be in the best position to take advantage of a changing environment.

Those CEOs who turn to women for advice will see their corporations earn the highest profits because they will have the best understanding of the market. Those women who are networked will be the best position to give advice to big shot CEOs and become big shot CEOs themselves.


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