BT's Accessibility Range Offers Comfort To Mature Phone Users



Released on: September 06, 2011, 9:34 am
Author: BT Shop
Industry: Telecommunications

With colder months beckoning, leading telecommunications provider BT has pointed out the importance of accessible phones for those with limited physical, oral and aural capabilities – particularly the elderly.

Using the telephone to stay in touch with family, friends and the wider world is something that many of us take for granted, but it is not always simple for those who are hard of hearing or struggle to press small buttons.

BT’s Paragon, Converse and Big Button telephone ranges are designed with this in mind, with an array of special features to assist users who are entirely or partially blind or deaf; or who have problems with mobility, dexterity or speech.

BT shop Executive, Caroline Hodgson said: “Many older people suffer with one or more of these difficulties and some of them worsen with cold weather, particularly dexterity. During autumn and winter it is especially important that people are able to maintain contact with loved ones and essential resources.

“A landline handset such as the Big Button 100 has large, widely-spaced buttons, easy volume controls and an inductive coupler so that the user can attach a hearing aid. It also has a handset that is easy to grip. Details like this are indispensible for many people.”

A similarly ergonomic telephone is the BT Converse 2200, which can be used hands-free or with a headset if needed. It can also be wall-mounted for ease of use and is more energy-efficient than many other phones, meaning more capacity for other essentials such as heating bills.

Consumers can also choose models such as the BT Freestyle 710, which is cordless and light; or the BT Paragon 550, which offers an easy answerphone facility and a speaker phone replay option for extra clarity.

Along with the Big Button, Converse and Paragon ranges, the Relate 2100 is suitable for those with a learning disability or mental impairment; and all phones can be used with accessories such as loud indoor ringers and baby monitors, for extra peace of mind.

More information about phones for the elderly and easy to use phones can be found on BT Shop’s website.


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