Video Trains Librarians to Better Serve Disabled Patrons



Released on: September 14, 2011, 1:58 pm
Author: Hamid Massoud
Industry: Marketing

Multivision, a San Francisco video production company has just released a new training video which is designed to educate librarians about the challenges faced by persons with developmental disabilities in using library services. Multivision, which is also a San Francisco video transfers leader is providing the video transfer and distribution of this training video.

Hamid Massoud, Multivision President and a Bay Area video production expert, has produced this video with the help of a team of dedicated volunteers as well as several Multivision staff members. “It was a labor of love. Creating this video was a very satisfying experience,” said Massoud. He added, “Everyone involved contributed a great deal of time and effort to this project and everyone did that with their full heart and soul. The great results that we achieved are a testament to all of the hard work of the participants.”

Multivision is primarily involved in the Bay Area corporate video production industry and particularly the San Francisco corporate video niche. But the company also created non-corporate films such as this training video aimed at helping the disabled.

All the video editing for this project was performed by Multivision, an active member of the Bay Area video editing and the San Francisco video editing communities. Massoud stated: “It was a joy to work on the editing of this project.”

Multivison provided discounted services for the creation of this video. “We like to give back in any way that we can. In today's economy, people are less apt to give freely of their time and money and that is why completing this project on a low budget was so important to us,” stated Massoud.

As a Bay Area video transfers specialist, Multivision is distributing this video online. In some cases, the video is also distributed on DVDs (since Multivision is Bay Area video duplication expert, as well). The ultimate goal of this project is to make this video available online (and via DVDs) to librarians across the country.

Contact Info: Hamid Massoud, Multivision Productions



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