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Released on: September 27, 2011, 11:50 am
Author: Dave Blackburn
Industry: Marketing

During September 2011, website designers around Nottingham have been joining Marketing Quotes as the level of website design enquiries from the area has gone up.

There are around 1000 website designers in Nottingham and the surrounding area, so businesses have the difficulty of selecting the right one for their needs.

Anne Richards of Marketing Quotes commented 'I guess now the schools are back and businesses are back into full swing, more companies are starting to think about their websites and are looking into using a local website designer.'

As the recession is still affecting most companies, businesses are nervous about website design prices and how much a website will set them back.

Like many things, it is not just the up front cost of the design of the website, but the follow up costs.

Marcel Blackburn of Marketing Quotes added 'it is a lot like a car, there is the capital cost of the car (like the cost of the website) but there is road tax, servicing, insurance which escalate the cost of having a car (not to mention petrol); with websites it is hosting costs, development, marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation) that can escalate the initial costs.'

There have been around 30 new website designers in Nottingham join Marketing Quotes during September, bringing the total number registered on the site to around 200 (just in the Nottingham area).

Anne Richards added 'most people do not know the costs associated with getting a website designed, how the different kind of sites vary and why designers charge what they do. Websites can be designed for free and can cost over a million pounds, but you do get what you pay for.'

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