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Released on: December 09, 2011, 9:53 am
Author: UIC Languages
Industry: Education

UIC Languages gives students the unique opportunity to study and sightsee at the same time. Many students that come to London to study also want to experience the cultural history of the city – so, UIC tires to include social outings in its curriculum.

Students enrolled at the institute have the benefit of a great location, from which all of London’s major sightseeing venues can be accessed. In addition, the school’s certified teachers are always on standby to provide information on using the city’s public transport. At UIC, students are encouraged to enjoy their time in London, because this helps to limit the impact of homesickness. When students are sightseeing, they can practise their English and meet new friends – allowing them to enjoy the learning experience.

The school also arranges social outings that students can attend during the semester. Popular winter activities include ice-skating in front of the Natural History Museum and visiting the Christmas lights along Regent and Oxford Streets. During these outings students will mingle with English speakers and learn how to cope in a social setting.

By combining travelling and learning, UIC Languages gives students an opportunity to use their language skills in everyday circumstances. This practical approach to studying ensures that the students see language proficiency as a tool that can be used to make friends and negotiate business dealings.

Modern study methodologies are using the streets as a practical lab for language students. Today, the rules of English are still learnt in the classroom, but it’s out in public where this theory is applied.

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