Trees around the House Cut Electricity Bills upto 30%


Released on: February 20, 2012, 8:58 am
Author: Premiere Tree Services of Kansas City, MO
Industry: Consumer Services

Kansas City, MO. February 20, 2012. There’s something about trees that a lot of people don’t know about: Trees can help a household save up to 30 percent of energy consumption, said the US Forest Service Center for Urban Forest Research. It only takes the right placement of the trees to reduce electricity bills, especially during the hot summer. If you have plans of engaging in tree planting in Kansas City, MO, consult a tree service company for advice on what areas around your house are the best location for your trees.

The benefits one gets from trees every day are many. Trees protect us from the sun by providing cooling shade, they block the chilling winter winds, they provide shelter to birds and wildlife, they purify the air, they prevent erosion of the soil, they clean the water, and they provide beauty and grace to homes and communities. For example, in Chicago, the city’s more than 3 million trees reduce air pollution by almost 900 tons annually, or a benefit of $6.4 million every year, said the Forest Service. In Portland, Ore., trees planted near and in front of a house add almost $9,000 to the property’s selling price. Planting trees in strategic places not only conserves energy and reduces electricity bills, it also helps fight global warming.

Before starting on a tree planting in Kansas City, MO, learn these important tips to enjoy the most benefits from your trees:

Deciduous Trees

The best place for deciduous trees is on the east and west sides of your house. Deciduous trees are those that lose their leaves. If they are planted on your house’s west side, they will keep your home cool during summer and allows the sun to warm you house during winter. This results in reduced energy use, says the US Department of Energy. If planted on the west, east and northwest areas of your house, large deciduous trees provides soothing shade from sun’s summer heat, thus reducing the cost of air conditioning by up to 35 percent.

Evergreen Trees

The best area to plant trees is on your house’s northern and north-western sides. After their leaves fall, they allow sun to pour through their branches and warm your house in winter. When tree planting, don’t plant evergreens on your home’s southern side because they will block sunshine in winter. Instead, evergreen conifer windbreaks must be planted on your house’s north and northwest sides as cold winter wind breakers.

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