123Print offers assistance to growing SMEs

Released on: November 29, 2012, 11:16 am
Industry: Consumer Services

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Online business card and stationery specialist 123Print is lending a helping hand to SMEs looking to expand in the current economic climate.

The retailer has expressed the importance for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to focus on being proactive within their individual markets in order to achieve success. 123Print believes it can greatly assist SMEs looking to secure their place in the market thanks to its personalised printing service, which can be used by businesses of all sizes thanks to its affordable rates.

It is now more important than ever for companies to portray themselves to clients and customers in a professional manner, and with assistance from 123Print this can be possible without having to break the bank. The retailer is able to provide its own customers with a chance to invest in high-quality stationery products such as business cards, stamps, address labels and pens that can help to secure their business name in people's minds.

Having a concise corporate image can also help in these tough economic times, and so having stationery and other items printed with a clean and clear brand image will ensure customers and clients feel confident in a business’ abilities. Research has also shown that when companies give away branded promotional items to clients they can give their brand a positive boost, seeing a good amount of growth as a direct outcome.

Mark Seekins, Managing Director, of 123Print said: "At 123Print we believe in helping our customers to achieve their goals by providing them with an excellent printing service. Whether our customers require low-cost 123 Print business cards, wedding invitations or easy-to-use postcard printing, we are on hand to help."

123Print has an easily navigable website which clearly offers all of their services, so customers will be able to quickly purchase the items that they require. Not only this, but 123Print also has a range of free design templates which can be used by SMEs without any art designs already in place, however these templates can be personalised accordingly.

If customers do have any difficulties when browsing and buying on the website, 123Print has a free online web chat facility that will give customers instant access to assistance.

To find out more about 123Print’s services for SMEs, visit the official website.


About 123Print

123Print offers both individuals and businesses a wide range of fully-customisable printed products for a variety of different events. Our price structure is clear and straightforward, so our customers know they can create the item that’s right for them – without having to pay over the odds. We also have a huge selection of stock images and designs to choose from, making it utterly simple for our customers to create and order the bespoke business cards, invitations, mugs and much more through the 123Print UK website.

For further information contact:
Sales team: 0808 1788608
Email: info@123print.co.uk
Website: www.123print.co.uk


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