Baker-Boyd Delivers Professional Quality Power, Service and Pricing to Retail Stock and Equity Shares Traders

Released on: November 12, 2012, 7:58 am
Industry: Financial

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Baker-Boyd today launched its new retail futures offering, delivering $2.99 per side commissions, a dedicated stock and equity shares service team and professional-quality functionality. Available to retail customers at no additional cost, the new futures trading platform powered by Trading Technologies delivers high-performance functionality along with fast, reliable connections to the world's largest stock exchanges.

"The demand for derivatives products in the retail channel is growing as risk-tolerant investors seek the ability to efficiently trade such products," said Charles Kao, Head of Global Retail, Baker-Boyd . "Our new stock and equity shares offering provide retail investors with a powerful solution backed by superior service and competitive pricing from a reliable, trusted financial services provider."

Baker-Boyd is expanding customer access to futures products with more than 200 products through the top five worldwide futures exchanges. Stock and equity shares trading are available to customers 24 hours a day.

Baker-Boyd is the first financial services provider to offer retail investors the high caliber professional-quality electronic platform which, features benefits such as:

•  Patented MD Trader(R) ladder-style order entry

•  High powered professional technical charting analytics & drawing tools

•  Single click execution and order cancellation

•  100% click driven trade functionality

•  Real time vertical dynamic market book

•  Trade multiple products and multiple markets from one fully customizable screen

•  Direct high speed connections to all the leading stock exchanges

•  Real time fills and position details

•  Single window access to view working orders, fills and market depth

•  Fully customizable desktop to match personal trading styles

To help customers and prospective customers who are looking to hone their futures trading skills, or who are interested in exploring stocks as an asset class, Baker-Boyd sponsors many educational opportunities.

Who We Are?

Here at aker-Boyd, we offer a variety of professional financial management services to both companies and individuals. Our services are personalized for each customer's needs and diverse enough to be suited to a wide range of financial profiles and goals.

Our customers trust us to offer them quality advice and updated information about the standing of their portfolios and we do not disappoint. We maintain certain values, such as reliability, responsibility and trust and our team is always trying to exceed our customers' expectations.

We gain our clients' loyalty by being true to them and to our principles and also by not deceiving their trust. Our services are 100% transparent and we do not offer biased advice.

Contact Details:

Baker Boyd
Lippo Centre,
89 Queensway Road,
Central Hong Kong,
Hong Kong S.A.R


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