ElectricalCounter.co.uk Polishes Their Switches

Released on: November 07, 2012, 4:16 pm
Industry: Retail

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Electrical Counter has built up a very good business based on an excellent internet hub to supply the electrical industry with a great range of products for the electrical supply service market. They have been particularly good at moving with the times and the latest range of sockets and switches from all the major manufacturers has given the user a great deal of choice in terms of design and applications. This has allowed the user to use Electrical Counter to develop a theme for the whole of the household or workplace and then be able to obtain a full range of switches and sockets for every application required.

One of the latest ranges that have really taken off is the polished chrome switch and socket and the latest ranges really supply not only a great finish but a superb a vast array of different types of switches and sockets. This array of different switches has allowed the end user to choose some excellent looking fitments which have been built specially for the application. Polished Chrome has a mirror finish and the appearance shines and whilst it will accept some fingerprint coverage this is easily cleaned and will not detract significantly from the overall appearance in any case. Electrical Counter can supply a full range of Nexus Metal manufactured switches and sockets, and the quality is it as would be expected from such a well-known manufacturer.

There are, of course, the typical switch ranges which generally have a smooth rounded thin face plates and rounded switch push toggles in single and double and triple gang, but there are some excellent ancillary items. The switch tripe pole fan isolator switch is a lovely large switch which does the job it is designed for but has an excellent appearance and will fit well outside of any bathroom fixing or some other suitable application, this also matches a good looking shaver socket which has a long thin appearance with a very compact but capable plastic insert in the shaver socket position. There are 45 amp switches with a neon indicator for controlling that high amperage usage. The range of dimmer switches is something often missed with single, double, triple and four way ganged dimmer switches so that the whole of a room can be dimmed at different levels. This makes for some superb lighting effects that can change the complete ambience within the setting and The Electrical Counter is proud to be able to assist with the supply of the equipment and can provide advice and help if required.

The range of sockets is large and the switched sockets do a good job, it is also supported by a range of round pin sockets which supply power to a standard lamp or a side lamp and these are then connected to a central circuit which can be switched on all together or dimmed altogether.

It is the completeness of range that is Electrical Counters biggest asset and polished chrome is a highlight in a vast range of products.

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Web: http://www.electricalcounter.co.uk
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Fax: 01233 800010
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