Former Professional Footballer Turned Trading Coach Launches New Forex Trading Video

Released on: November 07, 2012, 4:28 pm
Industry: Financial

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Lee Sandford is an ex-professional UK footballer having played for teams such as Portsmouth, Stoke City and Sheffield United. These days, he generates his income through successful forex trading and teaching others how to emulate his trading triumph through the Trading College. The Trading College has released a new video where Lee shares his Traders Success Model.

Lee Sandford believes that if he can earn his living through forex trading, anyone can, “If a beginner trader can recognise and learn the market patterns that repeat themselves and put on the trade, they really can create additional monthly income for themselves with little effort. It’s all about becoming the master of your tools.”

Lee is the founder of Trading College, having 17 years of forex trading experience under his belt. “I was getting calls from my friends asking me to teach them how to trade or to watch me trade. Then it became friends of friends, and it really grew from there until there was such a high demand that I put on a group course.” explains Lee, “Now we hold regular group courses and our aim is to be the best company in the UK market place for customer service, quality and price.”

When Lee left the world of professional football and threw himself into mastering the trading markets, he quickly found that there were hardly any in depth and high quality courses available. “I ended up going to the Chicago Board of Trade and participated in the grains trading pit. It was an experience!” says Lee. Once the Traders College had been established, Lee was keen to avoid becoming just another insufficient trading course as he’d experience before. “The Trading College’s mission is to constantly monitor and improve our services. Our customers are at the heart of our business so we want to create a dynamic and reward experience for all of our students.”

All courses run by the Trading College are taught by professional and experienced traders, including Lee, “As we make our living through trading, myself and the other trading coaches know the real day-to-day challenges that our students will face. That’s why we’re the best people to teach them about every eventuality.” Trading College is open to traders of all levels, even if they’ve just started out. They teach via group courses, support webinars and offer IT support to all of their members.

“With my forex trading strategies, students can really earn some great extra income, or even become a full time trader. One of my clients earned over £100,000 in one year using the tactics I’d taught her.” says Lee.

Lee has unveiled his Traders Success Model in the Trading College’s new video that’s been released on YouTube. “I teach this simple system to all of my clients and they really get great results with it - as do I!” says Lee. “The YouTube video explains the basics of the Traders Success Model, but I’ve also released a series of free webinars that delve deeper into the model to really get students understanding the concept.”

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