Dallas Pastor Ed Young Praises New Initiatives on Marital Intimacy

Released on: April 12, 2012, 9:18 am
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While marital intimacy is sometimes treated as a punch line, recent reports have shown that a healthy sex life is crucial for sustaining a happy, healthy marriage—and more married couples are prioritizing intimacy, as a result. These efforts have won the affirmation of Dallas pastor Ed Young.

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Typically, the very notion of marital intimacy is regarded as something of a punch line. Many sitcoms and movies make fun of the idea that married people enjoy good sex, and indeed, the stereotype is that marriage and passion are mutually exclusive. Recent reports have found that this is far from the case, however, as many married couples are embracing a regular intimate life as crucial for sustaining marital happiness. The Huffington Post offers insight into how some married couples are carving out intimate time together, and the report offers affirmation to the teachings of Dallas pastor Ed Young.

According to the Huffington article, spending time together is important for sustaining a healthy intimate life, which is in turn foundational for a healthy marriage. The article cites a recent study, finding that couples that spend time together at least once throughout the week are 3.5 times happier in bed. As the article points out, this time spent together means something akin to a date, not an occasion where children or household chores are in the cards.

The article confirms what Ed Young, Dallas author and pastor, has been saying for years, most recently in a new book called Sexperiment. Released earlier this year, Sexperiment encourages Christian married couples to spend time together, suggesting this time ultimately lays the foundation for a happy marriage—especially when that time spent together is intimate time.

Indeed, Ed Young’s book is largely devoted to the notion that a regular, healthy sex life is crucial for keeping a marriage strong and satisfying. In it, the pastor encourages Christian married couples to have sex together at least once per day for a week, and then to evaluate how it affects their marriage overall.

Ed Young’s book has won national media attention for its candid and honest discussion of sex as seen through the paradigm of the Bible. While other prominent pastors and authors have recently spoken out on the same topic, Sexperiment is unique for offering practical insight and tips on how creating a regular intimate life can be beneficial.

In fact, much of the book details the pragmatic benefits that a regular sex life can provide to married couples. Some of these benefits include more consistent communication, a stronger sense of purity, and a greater understanding of God’s purpose for the marriage. In addition to recommending the book for Christian married couples, the Dallas minister also endorses Sexperiment’s use for church-wide discussion and Sunday School groups.


Ed Young is the founding pastor of Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas. He has written more than a dozen books, including his latest release, Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse. The book, written alongside wife, Lisa, has garnered a great deal of attention for its unconventional take on the importance of sex within a marriage. While many religious leaders avoid the topic, Ed Young has preached the importance of intimacy within a marriage for years. The new book includes practical tips for Christian married couples seeking to develop a regular, creative, and passionate intimate life.

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