Yves Rocher's New Exfoliator Doubles the Effectiveness of Groundbreaking Slimming Gel

Released on: April 03, 2012, 10:13 am
Industry: Retail

To enhance the effectiveness of their SOS Detox Slimming Gel, French brand Yves Rocher has launched an accompanying product for pre-application. Formulated from extracts of Bamboo Silica the exciting new scrub is used to exfoliate and prepare the skin, making the slimming gel twice as effective.

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- This March, French company Yves Rocher launched their solution to fight stubborn fat bearing areas with the SOS Detox Slimming Gel. Yves Rocher recognise that modern women can sometimes need a helping hand when it comes to slimming and toning up. They have developed the perfect combination of plant extracts and toning nutrients to aid this weight loss, combined into an exciting new beauty product.

Now, Yves Rocher are launching the perfect partner to the SOS Detox Slimming Gel; the Detox Activator scrub. When used in conjunction with the SOS Detox Slimming Gel, the Detox Activator Scrub has been shown to double the slimming effect across the stomach area* - something that will undoubtedly benefit many modern day women. This works because the Gel-like scrub contains exfoliating particles that exfoliate and purify the skin in preparation for the application of the Detox Slimming Gel, therefore enhancing the natural slimming effects of the gel.

The primary component of the scrub is Bamboo Silica, a mineral complex found at the core of the Bamboo plant's stem. Bamboo Silica is a mineral with natural exfoliating properties and when it is ground down into grains, it becomes a fabulous scrubbing agent. When combined with other botanical ingredients including bamboo extract and organic cornflower water, the Detox Activator Scrub is born.

The Detox Activator Scrub has dual action micro-peeling and exfoliating effects that purify the skin and prepare it for the application of the SOS Detox Slimming Gel, which can then penetrate the skin more deeply.

For optimal results, the scrub should be applied to wet skin one or two times a week. It should be worked into the skin in a slow and wide circular motion using either the finger tips, or for deeper penetration, an exfoliating mitt or brush. Due to its gel texture, the scrub is rinsed off easily, leaving the skin feeling invigorated and refreshed.

As with all Yves Rocher products, the Detox Activator Scrub is not tested on animals** and contains no animal ingredients.

For more information on both of these products, please visit the Yves Rocher website: http://www.yves-rocher.co.uk

*Up to -1.6 cm from the stomach with just the gel alone & up to -3.4cm from the stomach with the gel and scrub together. Average measured on 13 women. Average result: - 0.6 cm to -1.6cm

**All tests were performed on human test subjects under dermatological supervision

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